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Get perfect Cloud Internet Access with different levels of redundancy and never lose connectivity with your important cloud-based data and services such as Office 365 or Google Apps. Speed up and secure your connection to the Cloud.

If you have your valuable data in the Cloud, you will need 100% availability, security, and access time. We know who are the best providers in each area regarding cloud connectivity and access to cloud-based applications. Besides, we provide proactive support, fixing incidents even before you can even notice. Brodynt will give you the peace of mind you need in cloud access and availability.

For your backup needs, you may get the traditional backup model with primary & secondary access available. Brodynt provides a secure, fully redundant model with near full availability time. Or, you may prefer Brodynt’s active model, a unique connectivity portfolio with our comprehensive engineer coverage that provides a limitless number of connections, fully redundant, and granting unmatched levels of availability. You will also get fibre, copper and 4G for 3-way parallel connectivity.


  • Passive backup: Get 1 primary and 1 backup access, fully redundant, with high combined availability time
  • Active backup: Get the same benefits of passive backup, plus aggregated bandwidth and almost limitless connectivity.
  • Data safety and 24/7 remote access.
  • Reduce the complexity of your network operations by introducing a single point of contact for multi-vendor and multi-national operations
  • Get extensive global coverage with a simple One-Stop-Shop solution model to ease the hassle for customers to manage multiple vendors and different levels of SLAs
  • White Label services allow the whole portfolio of services to be branded by companies
  • 800+ partners and thousands of Field Engineers worldwide
  • Service coverage: Available in more than 180 countries
  • Customer Support: Available 24x7x365