Yesterday we held our Q4 (Brodynt’s 4th Quarterly meeting of 2019).

In a nutshell, we went through the key points that have had an impact in our organization during the past three months, concurring as well with the move to a bigger office in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

We gathered together at one of the main rooms of our office to keep it simple and private, and later on we enjoyed a company lunch at a nearby restaurant.

We talked about the company’s overview and how each department is performing so far, to detect the issues that we may or not be having while we try to reach our yearly KPIs. We also reviewed the employees’ level of satisfaction in the company, within their roles and with their direct managers, to make sure everyone is heard and that we are not missing out any important aspect of the daily interdepartmental communication that could lead to misunderstandings and interfere in how we deliver our services to customers.

These quarterly meetings are quite important for us in order to stay focused and coordinated when it comes to efficiently and seamlessly face any issue and not fall off the tracks.

Highlights of the 4-hour meeting were: taking action rapidly when required with costumers, keeping our level of demand, shortening our internal processes and communicating better between peers.