Brodynt attended AfricaCom and GCCM Africa in Cape Town, South Africa from 11-15 November 2018. Representing Brodynt, were Jofre Bejar, Procurement Director, and Albert Bosch, Global Sales Director.

The African market is flourishing so quickly, and by being at these two events, we are very excited to see in person, the sheer scale and innovation happening on the continent. Meeting with over 100 experts from 50-plus companies over those few days, we discovered:

  • The evolution of the telecoms industry in Africa is heavily dependent upon fixed-line infrastructure, and both national and local authorities keep doing efforts towards increasing fixed-line connectivity in many areas.
  • However, mobile voice and data service provide the main and most successful connectivity option, reaching  90-98% of all internet connections. The use of telecoms services is often becoming mainly, or even exclusively mobile.
  • Forward-looking African countries are now placing greater focus on fibre-based national broadband plans. These efforts are supplemented by small-scale fibre operators which are expanding their business beyond the wealthy suburbs and into rural areas.
  • More than three quarters of mobile subscribers on the continent are expected to subscribe to broadband services by 2020. With more than a billion mobile subscribers in the region, this presents a vast market for vendors and application providers.

Jofre Bejar said, “It’s always relevant for Brodynt to personally meet not only with our customers, but our providers as well. Meeting our quality expectations is a must for any company willing to join our network of 1,000 suppliers worldwide; and meetings such as the ones held at GCCM and AfricaCom help us reinforcing this idea. Visiting Africa for the first time has greatly helped in completing new alliances to widen and strengthen our portfolio in the region, bringing us to being able to successfully deliver internet access across the entire continent.”

“This was a great first visit for Brodynt to South Africa. It really was good to have face-to-face time with our customers and providers. We felt that by being at GCCM Africa and AfricaCom, we could better understand what clients are looking for, and how Brodynt can best serve their needs.” commented Albert Bosch.

Brodynt is excited to continue expanding our footprint in the region, and by being partner-neutral and providing custom-designed connectivity solutions for our clients, we can help you better monetize your corporate customers’ international connectivity and networking needs.

We very much enjoyed being at the two most important ICT events from Africa, and look forward to coming back in the future! Let us know if you’d like to hear more from us!