Not all internet connections are equal. Especially when considering the advantages of dedicated internet access services. You’ve likely connected to public WiFi before, only to become frustrated with completing simple online tasks, like browsing or sending an email. Then you know the costs associated with a slow internet connection and shared bandwidth.

DIA or “Shared”

What is the difference between an inexpensive “shared” Internet connection and a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuit for your company? We know that with Dedicated Internet Access, your company is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the time. That is to say that if your company should purchase 100M of dedicated fibre internet connection – you will receive exactly 100M at all times.

This is extremely beneficial to businesses because they can decide on the speed they require, purchase it and constantly rely on it to be the same speed.

This is different than “shared” connections, where the speed your company purchases is the maximum speed you will receive. With shared connections, the actual speed is unpredictable and fluctuates throughout the day, depending on the ISP’s network traffic and in today’s digital world made up of eCommerce businesses, video conferences, 4K streaming and countless terabytes of cloud computing storage — dedicated internet access through a managed Internet Service Provider can make all the difference.

DIA benefits

There are a number of ways your organization could benefit from using Dedicated Internet Access. Let us take a look at 5 keys advantages:

Guaranteed bandwidth

As we have previously mentioned, with Dedicated Internet Access, your company is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the time.


Should your company opt for a 100M Dedicated Internet Access circuit, both the download speed and upload speed/bandwidth would be always guaranteed at 100M.

The fast upload speed is especially vital if your firm has many employees working remotely, especially now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud apps, VoIP, etc.

On the other hand, less expensive, shared Internet connections typically have a fast download speed and a significantly slower upload speed. For example, what often happens is that you get a maximum upload speed of 10M, even though the maximum download speed is at 100M.

Service level agreement

Dedicated internet access solutions are typically guaranteed with a service level agreement or SLAs, which establish the service level minimums for items such as latency and network availability, which are normally measured between 99.9% and 99.99%. With the explosion of real-time applications like VoIP, remote working, distance learning and video conferencing, Internet connectivity SLAs are increasingly becoming more important.

Better guaranteed response time

DIA circuits nearly always come with a significantly better guaranteed response time than shared business Internet connections. For example, ISP’s typically provide a 4-hour guaranteed response time for DIA trouble tickets and a 24-hour guaranteed response time for shared Internet connection trouble tickets.

Improved network security

If it isn’t already the case, cyber security should be of utmost importance for your business, particularly if you are in possession of sensitive data—such as employees’ or clients’ personal information, financial data etc.,

One way to improve your security is by using dedicated internet access. By avoiding sharing your internet connection with those outside of your organization, you will strengthen your overall cyber security and insulate your network against breaches.


No matter where you are operating from, business internet access needs should not be underestimated. Depending on your company, symmetrical upload and download speeds provided via a managed internet service and better throughput — can be absolutely essential to your success.

Furthermore, the security risk of a shared internet package may not be worth the savings considering that in the scenario of a data breach, the actual costs and damages to your brand’s reputation could be astronomical.

How can Brodynt help?

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