Brodynt Featured – Marc Mateo GCCM Brodynt’s Global Sales Director, was interviewed for the official GCCM post-event video, recently posted in the Carrier Community website.

We are also sharing below a full interview held with Mr. Mateo that was recently published on GCCM Magazine.

Q. What does Brodynt Global do?

A. Brodynt Global is the one-stop-shop for international internet access and Networking Hardware. We are effectively the “international department” of many ISPs, Carriers and System Integrators around the world.

Q. What problem does Brodynt exactly solve for your customers?

A. Dealing with hundreds of suppliers, from different countries, time zones, languages and using different currencies can be a hassle, especially if you are not used to work in those markets. Brodynt Global takes care of this, bringing our knowledge and experience in more than 180 countries to our customers, so they can quickly monetize, deliver, and control their global internet access requirements.

Q. Why are you providing for Telecom services only to ISPs, Carriers and System Integrators?

A. We are focused on positioning Brodynt as the trusted partner when it comes to international internet access and networking hardware. Our model is focused on helping those service providers with global requirements for Internet Access. We have a no-competition model with our own customers, as we only work with ISPs, Carriers and System Integrators, and not with end customers directly.

Q. What does it mean that you are provider-neutral?

A. Brodynt’s approach is always local, as we can really swipe any local market and search for the best internet access flavor though any of our selected local partners. Thanks to our local partnerships, we create a unique product offering, which is totally neutral, as we are not tied to any specific provider. This gives us the flexibility and competitive advantage needed to provide the best solution for every project.

Q. What are the trends in global connectivity in Brodynt’s view?

A. We are seeing a significant growth in the Cloud and SD-WAN industries. IPSEC network models using the public internet infrastructure are becoming increasingly common, as they are the perfect cost-effective alternative to MPLS networks. Companies are becoming more and more dependant on the Internet-based networks, in a multi-country and multi-access environment.