Brodynt’s Director of Strategic Growth Interviewed
in Carrier Community Magazine

We are happy to share the interview that has been published in the February 2018 issue of CC Global Magazine.

Who are Brodynt?

Brodynt are a global provider of last mile layer 3 internet access (both Broadband and Dedicated Internet Access) and networking hardware. We provide services in over 200 countries and territories around the world and act as an “off-net” provider and procurement team to many of the world’s Tier 1 Carriers and leading ISPs.

What changes did 2017 bring?

With internet access now a fundamental part of global WANs, the demand for our services increased significantly. A whole host of new carriers and ISPs have partnered with Brodynt to access our portfolio of services to use our services with IPsec solutions or for their new SD WAN offering. Consequently, the Brodynt team has also grown at a similar pace with new colleagues joining the team each month. Our improved offering in Asia resulted in a much larger volume in the region which in turn has led to us opening a new Customer Support Desk in Bangalore.

What are Brodynt’s plans for 2018?

A major part of Brodynt ́s 2018 strategy is our growth in the US market. Many of our customers already originate in the US, and Brodynt will be opening our US office in Q1 2019. Building up to this we will be visiting existing and new partners across the country with trips to New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, California, Philadelphia, Texas and Miami scheduled and further trips to be added. In parallel we continue to strengthen our existing portfolio of services and will have a strong focus on Africa and the Middle East in 2018.

How can Brodynt support your SD WAN Solution?

With internet access being utilised for all SD WAN solutions, our focus as a wholesale VNO is on supporting our partners with this access wherever they need it rather than providing the SD WAN overlay ourselves. The adoption of SD WAN by the majority of our customers has already led to a much higher demand of primary internet access circuits, and we expect this trend to continue to accelerate over the next few years.

 Hugo Holmes. Director of Strategic Growth at Brodynt Global Services