Brodynt Launches New BIT Platform for all Clients and Partners at ITW 2018 in Chicago

New BIT platform to be a single point of contact and simplify processes for Brodynt’s clients and partners

Leading Virtual Network Operator, Brodynt announces the launch of new Brodynt Intelligent Tool (BIT) for all clients and partners at the International Telecoms Week 2018 in Chicago. The BIT is a new system that includes an API and Customer Portal, making all quoting, provisioning, support, and billing processes easier and in one centralized location.

Brodynt Intelligent Tool

The BIT platform is designed to centralize all information between clients or partners, and Brodynt. This simplifies and speeds up the entire ordering process, including all details in every single phase of the sales cycle – from seeing all quotations made to having all information for installed services.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of Brodynt Intelligent Tool. This new platform allows us to be in closer contact with our clients and help them better.” Said Marc Mateo, Co-Founder at Brodynt, “Our clients and partners can access all their current and historic order with us, and be able to see any messages sent and received, including all email correspondence regarding a certain order or quotation.”

Marcus Muñoz Bosch, Co-Founder at Brodynt also commented, “We are constantly improving BIT, and launching sales and provisioning now, with support and billing very soon available in Q3 2018. We designed BIT to be a single point of contact for our clients and partners, so we can be a one-stop-shop, for all networks and telecom solutions and the sales process.”

BIT is a response to increased customer expectations related to automation and flexibility, while keeping all systems fully future-focused. By integrating systems with both customers and local providers, Brodynt creates a unique platform while leveraging our unique value of acting as a single source for any wholesale internet access need globally.

With transformative automation and partner-oriented APIs, Brodynt will be able to provide the level of availability, speed, and responsiveness expected today. Brodynt’s API, integrated within the BIT system, will be capable of exponentially increasing flexibility and performance.

Customers will benefit from Brodynt having connected with hundreds of disparate systems from our local partner base, with critical processes automated. Brodynt has created platform for all customers and partners, which is easy and straightforward to use, includes all data in a centralized location, and transparent. All information is updated automatically, in real time. Brodynt is committed to providing tailored connectivity solutions to best fit customers’ needs, and BIT was designed to improve these services.


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Yanlin Fu, Marketing Director