We at Brodynt are particularly proud of our worldwide network of partners. One of our top priorities is to nurture this network and make it grow in extension, efficiency and serviceability. We want our partners to thrive in win-win customer-oriented relationships.

We are now particularly happy to announce that our network has reached a new record with over 800 partners! This dramatic growth in the last months has greatly helped us to reach out to a variety of geographical areas, with a heavy emphasis on the Americas and Middle East.

While our delegates were attending the Middle East Capacity event in Dubai, the Pacific Telecom Council event in Hawaii, and recently the ITW meeting in Chicago, they took the chance to meet quite a few of these new partners, make face-to-face contacts, share ideas with old and new friends, strengthen business relationships, and make further plans together for the years ahead.

“We are excited about this robust expansion of our partner base”, said Marc Muñoz, Brodynt’s Global Access & Business Development Director. “Brodynt plans to keep expanding and reinforcing this rich network of committed partners to deliver top-notch services to our customers around the world.”

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