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Brazil is a leading economy in the South American area and aspires to become a major international player in the telecommunications arena. After several years of economic and political crisis, Brazil’s economy is has been rapidly recovering since the start of 2018. Consumer spending and business investment are increasing as a result of slow inflation, low borrowing costs and increasing private investment.


Please note that some of these services may not be available in this country. Check the row of icons on the left to know which services are currently available (green) or not.


Being able to reliably communicate to anyone, anywhere, is becoming increasingly important to our personal and business lives. Our global broadband solutions are great for smaller offices, remote workers or as low cost backup solutions.

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Our global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions are great for medium and large offices. DIA is a premium connectivity offering a high quality of service in more than 180 countries around the globe.

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Get perfect Cloud Internet Access with different levels of redundancy and never lose connectivity with your important data and services such as Office 365 or Google Apps. Speed up and secure your connection to the Cloud.

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Being one point of contact for our clients, Brodynt provides consistent, high-quality ICT services regardless of the solution, place or time of service deployment.

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Get global Onsite Installation of Cisco and other networking hardware brands. The customer does not need to have any technical skills. Our locally based certified engineers will perform the onsite installation.

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Forget about the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world. Our unique Global Managed Maintenance service will give you peace of mind by having a unique point of contact for managing all your networking maintenance.

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Our IPSec VPN solutions are secure, reliable and optimized to easily deploy Hybrid MPLS WAN networks. We offer a flexible configuration as our VPN solutions can be fully adapted to our customer’s specific needs. Secured Internet Access provides cost effective VPN solutions over the public infrastructure as an Off-net/Backup solution to Private Network/MPLS services.

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We deploy and manage public WiFi Hotspots with maximum flexibility, helping customers unify the management of their global WiFi network. Keep your corporate network safe and independent from your public WiFi network.

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Our network field services are monitored by our experienced team of engineers and outdoor local technical experts that are prepared for any requirement. We are always ready for the challenge.

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tech namebandwidthcontention ratioip rangerouteronsite installation
3G/4G25Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX100Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX100Mb/10MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX50Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX50Mb/5MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded


With an internet penetration rate of 70.2% by the end of 2018, Brazil is steadily increasing its online presence and visibility. More modern technologies are available in the center-south region, counting with LTE, 3G HSPA, DSL ISDB based Digital TV. Other areas of the country, particularly the north and north-west regions, lack even basic analog telephone lines. Fixed-line connections have remained relatively stable in recent years and stand at about 20 per 100 persons. Low-cost mobile-cellular technology has been a major impetus broadening telephone service to the lower-income segments of the population with a mobile-cellular teledensity of roughly 114 per 100 persons in 2018.

How Can Brodynt Help?

  • Products offered: 3G/4G, FTTx, xDSL, radio and DIA services
  • Standard DIA SLA: 99,43%+
  • Verified SLA*: 99,73%+
  • Bill in EUR, USD or GBP
  • Great expertise in the market
*Based on data from our monitoring systems


The Brazilian fixed-line market has been declining in favour of new services focused on mobile and VoIP solutions. The number of fixed lines continues to fall slowly, despite some progress in the VoIP sector. A few key operators, including Telefónica Brasil, América Móvil’s local unit Claro, and Oi, dominate the sector. Operators have to face a harsh economic environment which has reduced consumer discretionary spend. Brazil also has one of the largest mobile markets in Latin America. The mobile subscriber base grew rapidly for several years, but since 2015 the subscriber base has been declining. In part, this is due to the cancellation of inactive SIM cards, as well as strong competition from cheaper providers. Brazil also has one of the largest broadband markets in the region, though broadband penetration is only average. The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br) is devoted to the purpose of coordinating and integrating all Internet service initiatives in Brazil, as well as promoting technical quality, innovation and the dissemination of the services available.


Brazil is the eighth-largest economy in the world, but is recovering from a recession in 2015 and 2016 that ranks as the worst in the country’s history. In 2017, Brazil`s GDP grew 1%, inflation fell to historic lows of 2.9%, and the Central Bank lowered benchmark interest rates from 13.75% in 2016 to 7%. The economy has been negatively affected by multiple corruption scandals involving private companies and government officials. Sanctions against the firms involved — some of the largest in Brazil — have limited their business opportunities, producing a ripple effect on associated businesses and contractors but creating opportunities for foreign companies to step into what had been a closed market.

The government boosted infrastructure projects, such as oil and natural gas auctions, in part to raise revenues. Other economic reforms, proposed in 2016, aim to reduce barriers to foreign investment, and to improve labor conditions. Policies to strengthen Brazil’s workforce and industrial sector, such as local content requirements, have boosted employment, but at the expense of investment.


Fixed PSTN (local, national and international): 4

Cellular mobile: 7

MVNOs: 55

Licensed cable operators: 2 (major)

Cisco Certified Partners: 984


Telebrás is a Brazilian telecommunications company which was the state-owned monopoly telephone system. It was broken up in July 1998 into twelve separate companies, nicknamed the ‘Baby Bras’ companies, that were auctioned to private bidders. The new companies were the long distance operator Embratel, three fixed line regional telephony companies and eight cellular companies. The company was re-established in 2010. Telebras implements the private communication network of the federal public administration, besides providing infrastructure and support networks to telecommunications services provided by private companies, states, Federal District, municipalities and nonprofits.


  • PTT-AME – PTT Americana
  • PTT-BEL – PTT Belem
  • PTT-MG – PTT Belo Horizonte
  • FIX – Ponto Federal de Interconexão de Redes
  • PTT-DF – PTT Brasilia
  • PTT-CPV – PTT Campina Grande
  • PTT-CAS – PTT Campinas
  • PTT-CXJ – PTT Caxias Do Sul
  • PTT-PR – PTT Curitiba
  • PTT-SC – PTT Florianopolis
  • PTT-CE – PTT Fortaleza
  • PTT-GYN – PTT Goiania
  • PTT-LDA – PTT Londrina
  • PTT-MAO – PTT Manaus
  • PTT-NAT – PTT Natal
  • PTT-RS – PTT Porto Alegre
  • PTT-PE – PTT Recife
  • PTT-RJ – PTT Rio de Janeiro
  • PTT-BA – PTT Salvador
  • PTT-SJP – PTT Sao Jose do Rio Preto
  • PTT-SJC – PTT Sao Jose dos Campos
  • PTT-SP – PTT Sao Paulo
  • PTT-VIX – PTT Vitoria



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