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Finland’s telecom market is among the more dynamic in Europe, particularly in the mobile and broadband sectors. Trial licenses were issued to network operators in early 2018, several tests were held later in the year using spectrum in the 3.5GHz band. The spectrum assignment auction enabled operators to launch commercial services in early 2019.


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Being able to reliably communicate to anyone, anywhere, is becoming increasingly important to our personal and business lives. Our global broadband solutions are great for smaller offices, remote workers or as low cost backup solutions.

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Our global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions are great for medium and large offices. DIA is a premium connectivity offering a high quality of service in more than 180 countries around the globe.

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Get perfect Cloud Internet Access with different levels of redundancy and never lose connectivity with your important data and services such as Office 365 or Google Apps. Speed up and secure your connection to the Cloud.

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Being one point of contact for our clients, Brodynt provides consistent, high-quality ICT services regardless of the solution, place or time of service deployment.

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Get global Onsite Installation of Cisco and other networking hardware brands. The customer does not need to have any technical skills. Our locally based certified engineers will perform the onsite installation.

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Forget about the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world. Our unique Global Managed Maintenance service will give you peace of mind by having a unique point of contact for managing all your networking maintenance.

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Our IPSec VPN solutions are secure, reliable and optimized to easily deploy Hybrid MPLS WAN networks. We offer a flexible configuration as our VPN solutions can be fully adapted to our customer’s specific needs. Secured Internet Access provides cost effective VPN solutions over the public infrastructure as an Off-net/Backup solution to Private Network/MPLS services.

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We deploy and manage public WiFi Hotspots with maximum flexibility, helping customers unify the management of their global WiFi network. Keep your corporate network safe and independent from your public WiFi network.

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Our network field services are monitored by our experienced team of engineers and outdoor local technical experts that are prepared for any requirement. We are always ready for the challenge.

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tech namebandwidthcontention ratioip rangerouteronsite installation
3G/4G20Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
3G/4G20Mb/5MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
3G/4G20Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL24Mb/2MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL24Mb/2MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL8Mb/1MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL8Mb/1MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL2Mb/1MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
ADSL2Mb/1MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL5Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL5Mb/5MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL5Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL5Mb/5MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
VDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded


Finland has one of the highest internet penetration rate with 92.6% by the end of 2017, and also one of the highest in broadband. Finland also retains one of most advanced mobile markets in Europe. The country enjoys one of the highest broadband and mobile penetration rates in the region, with customers able to make use of the latest iterations of technologies including DOCSIS3.1, carrier aggregation with LTE-A, and GPON fibre infrastructure.


Finland has generated one of most advanced mobile markets in Europe, just as it was in the frontline of developments in LTE technology, so it emerged as one of 5G pioneers. This band has been assigned for 5G across Europe. Operators including Elisa and Telia have trialled 5G technologies and claim to be ready to launch services in early 2019 pending the release of 3.5GHz spectrum and the availability of 5G-compliant modems and devices.

Growth in the number of mobile subscribers has decreased in recent years, in line with the high penetration, while the market has moved to mobile data and mobile broadband. Therefore network operators focused on network upgrades, providing improved mobile broadband services to the 99% of the population already covered by LTE.


Finland has a highly industrialized, largely free-market economy. Trade is important, with exports accounting for over one-third of GDP in recent years. The government is open to, and actively takes steps to attract, foreign direct investment.

Finland is historically competitive in manufacturing, particularly in the wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Finland excels in export of technology as well as promotion of startups in the information and communications technology, gaming, cleantech, and biotechnology sectors.

Finland had been one of the best performing economies within the EU before 2009 and its banks and financial markets avoided the worst of global financial crisis. However, the world slowdown hit exports and domestic demand hard in that year, causing Finland’s economy to contract from 2012 to 2014. The economy returned to growth in 2016, posting a 1.9% GDP increase before growing an estimated 3.3% in 2017, supported by a strong increase in investment, private consumption, and net exports. Finnish economists expect GDP to grow a rate of 2-3% in the next few years. In the long term, Finland must address a rapidly aging population and decreasing productivity in traditional industries that threaten competitiveness, fiscal sustainability, and economic growth.


Fixed PSTN (local, national and international): 35

Cellular mobile: 14

MVNOs: 6

Licensed cable operators: 25

Cisco Certified Partners: 212


Sonera was the biggest mobile operator in Finland and also one of the biggest providers of landline telephone and Internet services. When TeliaSonera was founded, it was the first time two previous incumbents in two EU countries merged. Historically, however, the companies had already worked together on a number of different projects and complemented each other in various ways. TeliaSonera is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe today. TeliaSonera also operates in Finland through another company, Tele Finland Oy, a budget mobile operator.


  • FICIX: Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange
  • TREX: Tampere Region Exchange



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Kansakoulukuja 3
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TeliaSonera HLS/I
TeliaSonera International Carrier
Iso-Roobertinkatu 21-25
00120 Helsinki

Nebula Helsinki
Nebula Oy
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Sigmatic Oy
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TelecityGroup HEL1 Hiomo
TelecityGroup Finland
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Javerdel Data Center
Valimotie 13 BB

Mediam Helsinki DC
Mediam Oy
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For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within Pitajanmaki.

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Mediatraffic Data Center

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Konesali Yhtiöt Jyväskylä Oy
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40100 jyväskylä
Capnova Klingendahl
Oy Capnova Ltd
Pyhäjärvenkatu 5
33200 Tampere
Ficolo Ltd
28260 Ulvila
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within the area of Ulvila.