Singapore as a small densely populated island nation is the pioneer, and continues to be one of the few countries in the World in which broadband internet access is readily available to just about any would-be user anywhere in the country, with connectivity over 99%. The telecommunication infrastructure of Singapore spans the entire city-state. Its development level is high, with close accessibility to the infrastructure from nearly all inhabited parts of the island and for all of the population, with exceptions. Radio and television stations are all government-owned entities. Most households have computers and Internet access.


tech namebandwidthcontention ratioip rangerouteronsite installation
3G/4G20Mb/5MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
3G/4G20Mb/5MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA400Mb/400Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA400Mb/400Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA400Mb/400Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA300Mb/300Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA300Mb/300Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA300Mb/300Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA90Mb/90Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA90Mb/90Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA90Mb/90Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA80Mb/80Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA80Mb/80Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA80Mb/80Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA70Mb/70Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA70Mb/70Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA70Mb/70Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA60Mb/60Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA60Mb/60Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA60Mb/60Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA40Mb/40Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA40Mb/40Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA40Mb/40Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA30Mb/30Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA30Mb/30Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA30Mb/30Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA5Mb/5Mb1:116 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA5Mb/5Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA5Mb/5Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX500Mb/500MbBest Effort16 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX500Mb/500MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX500Mb/500MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX300Mb/300MbBest Effort16 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX300Mb/300MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX300Mb/300MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX200Mb/200MbBest Effort16 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX200Mb/200MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX200Mb/200MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX100Mb/100MbBest Effort16 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX100Mb/100MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX100Mb/100MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX50Mb/50MbBest Effort16 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX50Mb/50MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
FTTX50Mb/50MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded


The Internet penetration rate in Singapore was 88% by the end of 2019. The World Economic Forum described Singapore as ‘Asia’s most connected country’, noting that it was leading the region in terms of ICT development. Domestic facilities are excellent, and the number of fixed lines reaches 33 per 100, whereas the teledensity of mobile-cellular lines is 143 per 100.


The Next Generation Broadband Network (NGNBN), based on FttP and wireless networks, is almost complete with the migration from copper to fibre-based services. The mobile market has been growing slowly in recent years due to a high penetration rate and a mature market. Slow growth is also expected in the fixed broadband market in the next years. Only fibre is expected to improve significantly. Singapore has been working in recent years to become a Smart Nation, deploying data and analytics and smart infrastructure to manage different social and economic aspects. Projects include smart sensor networks for water and air analysis, smart logistics, and smart sensors in the homes of people who are old or ill. A number of 5G-enabled solutions is also expected to complement this Smart Nation strategy. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore is the agency that seeks to build a competitive and sustainable media industry while fostering technological innovation and encouraging collaboration between local and international media corporations.


Singapore has a highly developed and successful free-market economy. It enjoys a remarkably open and corruption-free environment, stable prices, and a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries. Unemployment is very low. The economy depends heavily on exports, particularly of consumer electronics, information technology products, medical and optical devices, pharmaceuticals, and on its vibrant transportation, business, and financial services sectors. The government has been trying to restructure Singapore’s economy to reduce its dependence on foreign labor, raise productivity growth, and increase wages amid slowing labor force growth and an aging population. Singapore has attracted major investments in advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology production and will continue efforts to strengthen its position as Southeast Asia’s leading financial and technology hub.


Fixed PSTN (local, national and international)
Cellular mobile
Licensed cable operators
Cisco certified partners


Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly abbreviated as Singtel, is the incumbent operator for fixed telephone lines and one of the major telecommunications providers, with a combined mobile subscriber base of 500 million customers from its own operations and regional associates in 25 countries at end of March 2014, making it one of the largest mobile network operators in Singapore and the 20–30 largest in the world. The company was known as Telecommunications Equipment until 1995. Singtel provides ISP (SingNet), IPTV (Singtel TV) and mobile phone networks (Singtel Mobile)[5] and fixed line telephony services. Singtel has expanded aggressively outside its home market and owns shares in many regional operators, including 100% of the second largest Australian telco, Optus. Singtel controls significant market share, with 82% of the fixed-line market, 47% of the mobile market and 43% of the broadband market in Singapore.


  • EQIX-SIN – Equinix Exchange Singapore
  • SOX – Singapore Open Exchange


1-Net North
1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd
Riverside Road

CyrusOne Singapore
CyrusOne Data Centers
29A International Business Park, Suite 520
609934 Jurong

1-Net East
1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd
Chai Chee Road
469005 Singapore

Singapore Serangoon Data Center
NTT Communications Corporation
0000 Singapore
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within Serangoon.

SoftLayer – SNG01
29A International Business Park
049910 Jurong

7000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
569877 Singapore

Equinix Singapore
Equinix, Inc
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within the city of Singapore.

Cintech II
Webvisions Pte Ltd
77 Science Park Drive
118256 Singapore

Global Switch Singapore
Global Switch
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within the city of Singapore.

DediHouse Networks
DediHouse Networks, LLC
81 Ubi Avenue 4, #05-03
408830 Singapore

Harbour MSP, Singapore
Harbour MSP
29A International Business Park
609923 Jurong East

Ascenix Pte Ptd
25 Kallang Ave #05-04
339416 Singapore

Tata Communications Singapore GS
Tata Communications
2 Tai Seng Avenue
534408 Singapore

Data Center Vista
Data Center Vista Pte Ltd.
20 Harbour Drive
117612 Singapore

iVisions DC1
iVisions Global
139964 Singapore
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore.

KDDI Corporation
105 Cecil Street, The Octagon, #13 -01
069534 Singapore

Keppel Datahub 2
Keppel Data Centres
000000 Singapore
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 9km from the city centre.

Pacnet SGCS2
110 Paya Lebar Rd.
EW8 CC9 Singapore

Tata Communications Singapore TCX
Tata Communications
35 Tai Seng Street
534103 Singapore

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd
30 Changi North Way
498814 Singapore

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