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Sweden’s telecom market has one of the most mature mobile and broadband sectors in Europe, with one of the best developed LTE infrastructures in the region and a high penetration of fibre broadband services. The country was also the first in Europe to complete the switch to digital TV broadcasting. The mobile sector has seen innovative spectrum use, with extensive network upgrades providing a significant proportion of subscribers with fast mobile broadband services.


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Being able to reliably communicate to anyone, anywhere, is becoming increasingly important to our personal and business lives. Our global broadband solutions are great for smaller offices, remote workers or as low cost backup solutions.

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Our global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions are great for medium and large offices. DIA is a premium connectivity offering a high quality of service in more than 180 countries around the globe.

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Get perfect Cloud Internet Access with different levels of redundancy and never lose connectivity with your important data and services such as Office 365 or Google Apps. Speed up and secure your connection to the Cloud.

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Being one point of contact for our clients, Brodynt provides consistent, high-quality ICT services regardless of the solution, place or time of service deployment.

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Get global Onsite Installation of Cisco and other networking hardware brands. The customer does not need to have any technical skills. Our locally based certified engineers will perform the onsite installation.

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Forget about the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world. Our unique Global Managed Maintenance service will give you peace of mind by having a unique point of contact for managing all your networking maintenance.

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Our IPSec VPN solutions are secure, reliable and optimized to easily deploy Hybrid MPLS WAN networks. We offer a flexible configuration as our VPN solutions can be fully adapted to our customer’s specific needs. Secured Internet Access provides cost effective VPN solutions over the public infrastructure as an Off-net/Backup solution to Private Network/MPLS services.

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We deploy and manage public WiFi Hotspots with maximum flexibility, helping customers unify the management of their global WiFi network. Keep your corporate network safe and independent from your public WiFi network.

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Our network field services are monitored by our experienced team of engineers and outdoor local technical experts that are prepared for any requirement. We are always ready for the challenge.

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tech namebandwidthcontention ratioip rangerouteronsite installation
3G/4G20Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
3G/4G16Mb/2MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA1000Mb/1000Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA500Mb/500Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA200Mb/200Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA100Mb/100Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA50Mb/50Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA20Mb/20Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:14 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
DIA10Mb/10Mb1:18 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL20Mb/20MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL20Mb/20MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL10Mb/10MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL8Mb/8MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL8Mb/8MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL4Mb/4MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL4Mb/4MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort4 ip rangeIncludedIncluded
SHDSL2Mb/2MbBest Effort8 ip rangeIncludedIncluded


Many mobile subscribers make use of mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed-line broadband services. With the closing down of the analogue network, the 900MHz bands are now being dedicated to mobile connectivity, whereas the spectra in the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands are providing MNOs with additional capabilities for LTE networks. Additional spectrum is now also available. The regulator is working on policies to expand broadband services in the coming years, fixing priorities in the provisioning of better LTE and 5G technologies. LTE connections now account for almost 30% of the mobile market, and it is expected that 3G/4G subscriptions will keep increasing in the coming years.


The Swedish telecom market used to be dominated by the state monopoly Televerket. However the market was deregulated and three main companies became the main players alongside a number of smaller operators. These three companies are TeliaSonera, Telenord and Tele 2.

Sweden completed the first stage of its 700 MHz auction, raising SEK 2.82 billion. Telia as well as the Net4Mobility joint venture of Tele2 and Telenor each acquired blocks of 2x10MHz, while the third bidder, 3 Sweden, did not acquire any of the spectrum, the regulator PTS announced. The winning companies will be able to bid for exact positions in the FDD spectrum in a second stage of the auction.

Telia said it will use the spectrum to expand its nationwide mobile coverage and start the launch of 5G services. In line with the coverage obligations in the licences, the company said it will continue to aim for “Sweden’s by far best quality and coverage”. Tele2 and Telenor announced that in conjunction with acquiring the new spectrum, they have agreed to expand their joint venture to include the launch of nationwide 5G services.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is the regulatory agency that monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden.


Aided by peace and neutrality for the whole of the 20th century, Sweden has achieved an enviable standard of living under a mixed system of high-tech capitalism and extensive welfare benefits. Sweden is a member of the European Union although it remains outside the Eurozone because of concerns over its impact on the country’s economy, welfare system, and sovereignty. Timber, hydropower, and iron ore constitute the resource base of an economy heavily oriented toward foreign trade. Privately owned firms account for vast majority of industrial output.

GDP grew an estimated 3.3% in 2016 and 2017 driven largely by investment in the construction sector. Swedish economists expect economic growth to ease slightly in the coming years as this investment subsides. Global economic growth boosted exports of Swedish manufactures further, helping drive domestic economic growth. Swedish prices and wages have grown only slightly over the past few years, helping to support the country’s competitiveness.

In the short and medium term, Sweden’s economic challenges include providing affordable housing and successfully integrating migrants into the labor market.


Fixed PSTN (local, national and international): 169

Cellular mobile: 85

MVNOs: 23

Licensed cable operators: 5

Cisco Certified Partners: 361


The incumbent operator TeliaSonera has a very dominating position in the Swedish market spite of the quick development of new services such as Internet, GSM and broadband. The existing company is actually the result of a 2002 merger between the former Swedish and Finnish incumbents, Telia and Sonera. TeliaSonera is offering services in all Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as in the emerging markets of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey, and in Spain. It operates Europe’s largest and fastest-growing wholesale IP backbone (AS1299) and is the 10th-largest global mobile group by consolidated customers, with 26,000+ employees worldwide.


  • GIX – Gothenburg Internet Exchange
  • MalmIX – Open local Internet Exchange in Malmö
  • Netnod-GBG – Netnod Internet Exchange Gothenburg
  • Netnod-LUL – Netnod Internet Exchange Lulea
  • Netnod-MMO – Netnod Internet Exchange Malmö
  • Netnod-STH – Netnod Internet Exchange Stockholm
  • Netnod-SVL – Netnod Internet Exchange Sundsvall
  • Solix – Stockholm Open Local Internet Exchange
  • STHIX – Stockholm Internet Exchange



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Hydro Grande
961 43 Boden
Berget Boras
Borås Elnät AB
Majorsgatan 5
504 31 Boras
Grävmaskinsvägen 2
241 38 Eslöv
IP-Only Göteborg Tagene
IP-Only Telecommunication AB
Tagenevägen 34C
425 37 Hisings Kärra
TerraTel DC Lindholmen
TerraTel AB
Karlavagnsgatan 11
417 56 Gothenburg
Gompute Data Center
Gompute AB
Byfogdegatan 6
41505 Gothenburg
Radovägen 3
Västra Frölunda 421 47 Västra Frölunda
KIO Networks 2
KIO Networks
Privada de la Princesa 4, Parque Industrial El Marqués
76240 Querétaro
Availo DCL
Availo Networks AB
Datalinjen 5B
583 30 Linköping
Swoscom AB
Norra Järnvägsgatan 23
24761 Veberöd
IP-Only Malmö Limhamn
IP-Only Telecommunication AB
Krossverksgatan 15
216 16 Limhamn
Marinen Datacenter
Terminalgatan 18
21124 Malmo
Storgatan 15B
211 42 Malmö
Stenyxegatan 14
213 76 Malmö
Fortlax IT AB
PO Box 80
941 22 Piteå
Interxion STO1 (Stockholm, Sweden)
16494 Kista
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 15 km north of Stockholm in Kista, the centre of Sweden.
Interxion STO2 (Stockholm, Sweden)
16494 Kista
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 15 km north of Stockholm in Kista, the centre of Sweden.
Interxion STO3 (Stockholm, Sweden)
16494 Kista
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 15 km north of Stockholm in Kista, the centre of Sweden.
Interoute Stockholm
Interoute Communications Ltd
Karlavägen 108
10451 Stockholm
TelecityGroup Stockholm
Mariehällsvägen 36
16865 Bromma
TeliaSonera LJHN2
TeliaSonera International Carrier
Trekantsvägen 7
11743 Stockholm
TeliaSonera HDN/I
TeliaSonera International Carrier
Rudsjöterrassen 5
13682 Haninge
Verizon Stockholm
Verizon Communications Inc.
Torshamnsgatan 27
16440 Kista
IP-Only Stockholm Syd
IP-Only Telecommunication AB
Kärrhagen 4
147 91 Grödinge
IP-Only Stockholm Järfälla
IP-Only Telecommunication AB
Elektronikhöjden 6
175 43 Järfälla
IP-Only Stockholm Gärdet
IP-Only Telecommunication AB
Sehlstedtsgatan 9
115 28 Stockholm
Bahnhof – Pionen
Renstiernas Gata 37
11631 Stockholm
Stockholm 2
Basefarm AB
17154 Solna
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 10 km from downtown Stockholm.
Bahnhof – Sterik
Norra stationsgatan 61
11343 Stockholm
SunGard – Gärdet Technology Center
Sungard Availability Services
Sandhamnsgatan 63
102 52 Stockholm
SunGard – Sätra Technology Center
Sungard Availability Services
127 39 Sätra
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within 15 km from the city centre.
Portlane Sickla
Portlane AB
13154 Stockholm
For security reasons this is not the exact location of the data center. However, it is located within Sickla.
Availo DCH
Availo Networks AB
Virkesv. 6
120 30 Stockholm
Availo DCS
Availo Networks AB
Storsätragränd 3
129 39 Skärholmen
Teknik i Media Datacenter
Gjörwellsgatan 30
11260 Stockholm
DigiPlex Stockholm 1
Smedbyvagen 6
19430 Upplands Vasby
TelecityGroup Stockholm2
Kvastvagen 25
12862 Skondal
Tunnelgatan 2
111 37 Stockholm
Kista Science City
164 51 Kista
Portlane AB
Västberga Allé 60
12630 Hägersten
Nordiska Servercentralen AB
Hemvärnsgatan 14
17144 Solna
Granbergsvägen 1
91232 Vilhelmina