In April, we will keep our busy schedule by attending Wan Summit NYC and Channel Partners Las Vegas, which are two of the biggest and most important events around the world for telecom companies.   Channel Partners Las Vegas is the largest event for Agents, MSPs, VARs, Consultants, Integrators & Service Providers, whereas WAN [...]

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Evans Damte, new Global Support Manager   A new member has joined Brodynt in our Support team and under Tania Pinosa’s supervision. His name is Evans Damte and he will be Brodynt’s new Global Support Manager. Evans has several years of experience working as a Transmission, Layer and Network Security and migration engineer in [...]

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Brief approach   Yesterday, April 3rd, we at Brodynt celebrated our 2nd Quarterly Meeting.   After a year of wonders like 2018, we are excited to look ahead to a promising future for our company. Yesterday we discussed some of the main exciting topics that took place in March, like being recently selected by [...]

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Joseph Goodyer as the Managing Director Americas

Joseph Goodyer, who has come a long way in the telecom industry, is the person in charge of running this great adventure as Managing Director for Brodynt North America. We are honored to have him in our team. Joseph holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Sheffield Hallam University and has come [...]

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Brodynt’s new members

  We are pleased to announce the latest additions to our Team of Brodynters. We welcome Ernesto Campos, Natalia Domínguez and José Morales to our great family!     From left to right:   Ernesto Campos (Global Account Manager) holds a Degree in Statistics & Sociology, a Master’s Degree in International Economy and is [...]

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Brodynt amongst the Top 250 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

We are still celebrating that on March 1st, Brodynt was ranked as one of the 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe in 2019 by the prestigious British newspaper Financial Times. This is the third time that this annual FT 1000 ranking is researched for FT by Statista, listing the European companies that achieved the [...]

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Welcome Orsi!

Welcome, Orsi! We give a warm welcome to our new Brodynter Orsolya Márk from Hungary! Orsi holds a Master’s Degree in Business Studies from the University of Amsterdam, has a long background in the telecom industry and is fluent in 6 languages. She has been working as a Procurement Manager for more than [...]

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Brodynt Will Be at MWC’19

Brodynt Will Be at MWC'19. Find Us in Our Booth! Although the 2019 edition of the Mobile World Congress (aka MWC) in Barcelona is not the first time that Brodynt has a presence in it, this year the Brodynt team will be attending visitors with its own booth! This is a great chance [...]

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Brodynt will attend the GCCM London 2019

Brodynt’s Team will be at the 11th Annual GCCM Congress in London during the 13th and 14th of February. We are also proud sponsors of this event!Brodynt is already very familiar with the GCCM events, the last one we attended was in beautiful South Africa during the 11th and 12th of November 2018. It [...]

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Happy New Year 2019! Brodynt’s Overview

How did we do?   We, from Brodynt, wish you have the best year ahead to achieve all of your new purposes.   On our side, we are very excited for all the upcoming projects we will be developing this year and for how good 2018 has ended for us. We will keep you [...]

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