Welcome Orsi!

Welcome, Orsi! We give a warm welcome to our new Brodynter Orsolya Márk from Hungary! Orsi holds a Master’s Degree in Business Studies from the University of Amsterdam, has a long background in the telecom industry and is fluent in 6 languages. She has been working as a Procurement Manager for more than [...]

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Meet Our New Brodynt Team Members

Meet our new Brodynters! We'd like to give a warm welcome to some of our new Brodynt team members who joined the team several months ago! Meet Brodynters (from L-R), Yifei Ge, Natalia Jurikova, Ignacio Alvarez, and Kate Kukushkina! Yifei Ge joined Brodynt as a telecommunications engineer and is an expert in networks. He is the [...]

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Brodynt at GCCM London – Hugo Holmes Interview

Brodynt's Director of Strategic Growth Interviewed in Carrier Community Magazine We are happy to share the interview that has been published in the February 2018 issue of CC Global Magazine. Who are Brodynt? Brodynt are a global provider of last mile layer 3 internet access (both Broadband and Dedicated Internet [...]

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2017: A Year of Wonders

2017: A Year of Wonders 2017 has been a year full of wonders for Brodynt. Since our last yearly report, many things have changed, and always for the better. Let’s have a look at the many achievements that the Brodynt team has reached in the past 12 months: We have experienced a 90% [...]

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Happy 200, Brodynt!

Happy 200, Brodynt! Well, it's not that Brodynt is 200 years old... Time will come. We are rather celebrating that our coverage has already reached 200 countries! Actually, 202 to be precise. From our strong European base, we have expanded through Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Africa and the Central Asia-Middle East region, up [...]

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The Brodynt Team Keeps Growing

The Brodynt Team Keeps Growing The exponential growth experienced by Brodynt, thanks to our hard, committed work and a relentless push for excellence in every project we do, requires constantly expanding our staff to cope with the increase in business activity and demands. We are therefore absolutely pleased to introduce Patricia, Brett, and [...]

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Brodynt staff keeps expanding

Brodynt staff keeps expanding! We at Brodynt are pleased to announce that three more talented professionals have lately joined our ranks. Kateryna Guskova was born in Ukraine, although she was raised in the UK. She graduated at the University of Nottingham in International Media and Communication studies. She has [...]

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More Top-Notch Staff On Board!

More Top-Notch Staff On Board! Brodynt Global Services is rapidly expanding, and as more and more customers are coming to benefit from our telecom and Internet access services, we are also expanding our staff to meet the increasing demand. These are exciting times! We are glad to welcome two new members to [...]

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Nominated GCCM Awards

Brodynt Global Services shortlisted in Best Global Network and Best Cloud Innovative Operator categories Brodynt Nominated GCCM Awards We are humbled and proud to have been nominated in two different categories of the GCCM Awards 2017.  The finalists were selected by the Awards Jury members. The winners will be announced at the GCCM [...]

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The Largest Delegation Ever to ITW

Brodynt Success with Largest Delegation Ever to ITW! This was the fourth time that Brodynt has been present at the largest and most influential annual event in the wholesale telecom sector, and we decided to make it really big by sending our largest delegation ever. No less than 6 members of the Brodynt [...]

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