Saturday, August 3rd was the first day of  Brodynt Global’s social responsibility action plan.

Every Saturday during the touristy month of August, Brodynters are going to be seen cleaning out the plastics and picking up the trash from the sand at the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, in a generous effort to avoid that our seas get dirty and in order to preserve our marine environment.

We share widespread concern about Climate Change and understand our common responsibility in helping to prevent further destruction of our planet. As little as we can do, we will. Thus, Brodynt has started a program of Social Responsibility projects that will span the whole year.

Saturday was the first day that our first group of volunteers started the clean up at the Barceloneta Beach for the month. The amount of plastic and other rubbish picked was surprising and made us realize on how much we need to get conscious about preserving and improving our common areas.

The Clean Beach Initiative has been the best alternative to help with our Social Plan. This project was founded by the yoga brand “Southern Shores“. “Southern Shores” sells sustainable and 100% plastic free yoga products and equipment. However, they realized that only selling sustainable yoga products was not enough and this is why the Clean Beach Initiative was founded. They started by conducting beach clean-ups in Barcelona (Spain), and they are currently planning clean-ups in Hamburg (Germany) and in Reykjavik (Iceland). Their clean-ups in Barcelona have already gained phenomenal traction and each Saturday many dedicated volunteers help to cleanup the Barceloneta beach in front of the surprised look of tourists.

Everyone is highly welcome to join these beach cleanups in Barcelona, so if you are in the area and want to help as well, check out their website at to find out more.

This is just the start of a whole new Social Project at Brodynt Global.

Stay tuned for more news!