The cloud has finally become mainstream. Now businesses have to cope with it.

Surely bad things happen in the IT world from time to time, and nobody is now shocked anymore when news about disruption of services in one of the largest ISPs is announced, but still, last week’s news that the Amazon AWS cloud computing service went down for several hours made a significant impact in the world’s headlines.


Although not all AWS customers were affected by the outage, many of them, including the Slack messaging system, and online e-commerce sites such as Target and the Disney Store, did notice significant slowdowns and periods of service unavailability.


The significant factor here is that the cloud has finally become mainstream and is increasingly present and relevant, particularly in the business world. There has been an ever increasing push toward moving data to the cloud, especially among big-to-large companies dealing with higher volumes of data and growing needs for effective backup and redundancy. Service providers also had to cope with the growing demand and adapt their approaches to better serve both their new and existing customers. Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) are now required elements in any cloud-based service provided by any major ISP.


Statistics do not lie about the cloud’s exponential growth. In 2017, the global public cloud services market is expected to grow up to 18 percent, reaching $246.8 billion. Growth will come mostly from IaaS, which is expected to grow a daunting 36.8% and reach $34.6 billion.[1]


May this growth keep on strong in the coming years? Many voices are warning that the cloud market is going to start a second phase, both for public and private cloud services. As enterprises scale their resources, they will surely start to use the cloud, not just for backup and storage, but also for running their core applications. That means that cloud dependency will also increase, as access to running software will be key to core business processes.


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[1] Source: Sead Fadilpasic, “Public cloud services market will reach $246.8 billion in 2017”, betanews.