Focus on your core business and leave Brodynt in charge of your networking needs.

Top-notch technicians may now be sent anywhere in the world to work onsite and perform, from easy tasks like connecting cables, to more complex deployments. This flexible service is ideal for LAN migrations or for support issues that you can’t solve on your own.

Rather than wasting your valuable time and resources, focus on your core business and leave Brodynt in charge of your networking needs.

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The most enduring relationships are those built on trust and transparency, and we are immensely proud that we have customers and partners who work with us from all around the world.

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Our network field services are monitored by our experienced team of engineers and outdoor local technical experts that are prepared to react to any requirement in a matter of hours. We are always ready for the challenge.

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Use our field services as if you had your own global virtual team, ready and available in short notice.

We work with thousands of local Field Engineers and our coverage reaches most countries around the world. The closest engineers to each location who are eligible for their qualifications, from generic technical skills to advanced CCNA/CCNP and other premium certifications, would then be selected to implement the task and sent in a matter of hours. We have the right solution for every scenario to get you fully covered.

Field services are regularly available during weekday business hours but we can also accommodate other time requirements when needed. Please contact us and let us know about your specific needs and whether you may require a remote hands service urgently out of business hours or during weekends.

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