How did we do?


We, from Brodynt, wish you have the best year ahead to achieve all of your new purposes.


On our side, we are very excited for all the upcoming projects we will be developing this year and for how good 2018 has ended for us. We will keep you posted on all the great news!


But in the meantime, we want to give you a quick brief over what 2018 has brought to us. Pay attention!


  1. We have doubled revenue from 3M€ to 6M€ (Woo-ho!)
  2. We have increased our workforce from 19 to 35+ people to give you always the best service
  3. We have attended the most important international events in 5 different continents (Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia), so we meet and strengthen relationships with partners and to understand the needs of coverage for a wider area of countries
  4. We have deployed a team of permanent employees in APAC (Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur) to be available for customer needs 24/7. Because to us, customers come first
  5. We have thoroughly implemented BIT, an internal Brodynt’s Intelligent Tool to optimize and organize our database and therefore how we work for you by releasing our API. Thumbs up!


However, this does not stop here. We will keep eager for fresh challenges and talent acquisition in this growing and fast-paced industry we love to be part of with a major focus on always delivering premium services at the highest quality.


Our experienced and highly qualified team wishes you a new year of wonders and success!