What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network with no physical location that is configured to protect a user’s privacy online. Also known as VPN tunnels, they allow users to connect to a private network and use its systems even when not directly connected to that network.

For instance, those travelling, particularly for business will be familiar with the fact that by connecting to the airport’s WiFi and then establishing a mobile VPN connection to their office network, they can check their company emails as if they were sitting at a workstation.

VPN also establishes a secure connection. The data sent between the user and the network is encrypted, making it a reliable safety measure when using public WiFi and other untrusted networks. The user’s IP address is also obscured by VPN. Anyone wishing to track the user’s activity will see the IP address of the user’s VPN-connected network rather than the address of the user’s local network.

Advantages of using VPN for businesses

Reduce the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks.

Getting targeted by a hacker might sound like something that happens to other people and other companies. However, only the biggest breaches make headlines. By using a VPN and keeping your employees off public networks, you are taking a big step in decreasing the likelihood your company will be targeted.

VPNs encourage productivity.

If you have employees who are aware of internet vulnerabilities, they’re probably wary of logging in on public networks. And if they travel a lot? You can bet they feel like they can’t work during long stretches on the road. Peace of mind is critical for productivity.

VPNs make your clients feel secure.

If you collect data from clients, customers or patients, you can help soothe their worries by utilizing a VPN and letting them know that your company took the extra step to keep the data secure.

Maintain location of your choice, wherever you are.

If you or your employees travel a lot for work, replacing your real IP address with your VPN’s can be a necessity. Some countries restrict what you can access while there, therefore in order to stay connected to the office and to complete your work, you’ll need a VPN.

VPNs is a cost effective solution.

A VPN is an upgrade well worth the cost – a choice that’s budget-friendly, instantly effective and truly worthwhile. While the costs vary, you are unlikely to get the level of security that VPN offers for less. Click HERE to ask our advisors for more information about the rates.

Keeping in mind

While VPN solutions will enhance your organization’s security, one should keep in mind that they won’t protect your employees from social engineering attacks such as email phishing.

VPNs should be used in conjunction with other network security tools such as firewalls, antivirus, and anti-malware to prevent attacks.

Training employees about networks security and its importance is also important for creating an effective, comprehensive network security plan.

How can Brodynt help?

Brodynt’s VPN solutions are secure, reliable and optimized to easily deploy Hybrid WAN networks and can be fully adapted to your specific needs through our flexible configuration.. Click here to learn more about our managed (IPsec) VPN solutions

Alternatively, you are always welcome to get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to hello@brodynt.com and one of our Account Managers will be happy to assist you!