The new reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world lives, works, and connects.  TeleGeography is curating news and providing analysis on the impact this is having on global networks (full Telegeography article here:

In short: what’s happening to the network? How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted internet traffic?

Our team is collecting updates directly from the companies who are responding to these unprecedented conditions. Peruse their facts and findings below.

Cogent Sees WFH-Related Spike in Corporate Bandwidth Demand

While it might sound counterintuitive that work from home measures led to an increase in corporate bandwidth demand, those customers needed more bandwidth at their offices as they added more VPNs for their WFH employees.

But how are big corporations responding to these demands?

With bandwidth demand and usage changing, companies are responding to the new environment and many more are considering the social and business implications of a potentially permanent increase in remote work, says Telegeography (

Brodynt Global has quickly managed this response allowing other companies to cope with their staff work-from-home status and attending their internet connectivity needs through a new 4G temporary mobile solution, a device that connects easily and with a fast speed to almost any operator and 4-5 in 170+ countries at the same time.