Meet our new Brodynters!

We’d like to give a warm welcome to some of our new Brodynt team members who joined the team several months ago!

Meet Brodynters (from L-R), Yifei Ge, Natalia Jurikova, Ignacio Alvarez, and Kate Kukushkina!

Yifei Ge joined Brodynt as a telecommunications engineer and is an expert in networks. He is the technical support go-to to fix all types of internet disconnections and incidents. On top of that, Yifei is fluent in 5 languages!

Natalia Jurikova has a Masters in Law, and brings years of experience managing international projects under the European Commission.

Ignacio Alvarez studied business management, and has extensive experience in the tech sector, and in telecommunications, having worked in various telcos in Argentina.

Kate Kukushkina studied in Moscow, and joined Brodynt with years of experience training teams, acting as a liaison cross-departments and companies, and in project management.

Brodynt takes pride in having been able to onboard and count on our new, unique, multicultural and multilingual expanded after-sales Team throughout these past few months. While striving for excellence, Kate, Natalia, Yifei and Ignacio are enhancing Brodynt’s Customer Experience from an operational perspective. – Tania Pinosa, Global Operations and Service Assurance Director

We’re excited to have them on board, and feel honoured and proud of having these new members of our global team to meet the needs of our business customers. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!