So you are attending ITW’16 and want to come back home with a nice device? What about an iPad Mini? Yeah, you may GET ONE for free!
How? Well, that’s really easy. You only need to visit Brodynt’s booth at PREMIUM TABLE P131 and leave your business card. We’ll put all our visitors’ cards together and will choose the lucky winner on the last day of the event.
But wait, there’s more! You will have DOUBLE CHANCE to get the iPad if you also tweet that you are taking part in our raffle (using our hashtags #BrodyntITW and #ITW2016). We will then add a second ticket to the pool with your Tweeter username in it.
Please note that we will not do shipments. The winner must be in Chicago and within easy reach to be contacted by our representatives, and then come personally to our booth at ITW to get your prize.
Good luck! Get your chance to come back home happier with Brodynt!