Drew Nadler, new Business Development Manager America

Time to introduce Drew Nadler, who has recently joined our expanding team in America as a Business Development Manager.

Drew has a wide experience in the telecommunications industry, he has worked several years for firms as big as Verizon and handles a lot of skills in Sales and in business development.

Drew is also a body builder in his spare time and likes to take care of his health. Drew’s passion for bodybuilding reflects some of his personality traits, as he is a very committed, hard-working, focused person”. But although his size can be overwhelming, Drew is actually a very nice guy.

Drew, Brodynt landed in the States not long ago, how does it feel to be working for a young company after having worked in big companies like Verizon?

“Well, coming from a large based national company like Verizon and migrating to an established international company with a start up feel in the States has been a very exciting and diverse transition. Meeting with the director of every department and learning how every aspect of the business runs is a very different feel than at a corporate giant such as Verizon . The office dynamic and the diversity of employees has been as dynamic of a change as the size of the company. Not at many companies you can hear 6 languages flying around the office with projects being done in 6 different countries all at one time. The personal discussions and relationships that are in such a diverse office allow for a level of personal growth that’s hard to find in large companies. It has a very powerful feeling being involved in decisions in where and how a company is looking to grow and expand”.

How do you see the current telecommunication American market?

“The American telco market is an untapped potential for a company whose products and vision are as forward thinking as Brodynt’s. The options for American companies to expand business and connectivity options worldwide are very slim in comparison to the demand. I foresee Brodynt’s American footprint to have a very large impact on how American companies availability is to conduct business abroad. Taking the extremely difficult task of connecting multiple businesses internationally, digitally off of a companies plate is a niche business that has a huge potential and I am very lucky and excited to be a key player in Brodynt’s American market”.

We at Brodynt are sure that American customers will be in good hands. Welcome, Drew!