Project Description

Our customer, an international carrier, was approached by a US-based chain of quick-service restaurants in order to meet their connectivity needs as they are expanding in several countries in Western Europe. This company needed a variety of different services, and the carrier company immediately considered Brodynt as the ideal provider for such a wide array of services in a multinational setting.


The Brodynt team was asked to provide for a network model that would fit in the final customer’s needs. Since no definite networking model was suggested, Brodynt developed a full proposal that included most of our global services.

The Brodynt engineers implemented a VPN network with public fixed IP address and cloud-based management, using broadband and DIA connections as needed. As the customer was asking for full redundancy, with more than one circuit per location and using different operators for primary and backup connections, Brodynt’s neutral approach fit like a glove! Being a full one-stop-shop provider was also convenient, as it avoided the hassle of having to deal with different providers in a number of countries, some of them using their own currencies for budgeting and billing. With Brodynt, the whole solution was packed in a single budget and a single currency.

Among the services that were included in the solution, Brodynt also provided for onsite installations with locally based engineers, hardware procurement, and managed maintenance. Cisco Meraki cloud-managed devices were chosen to implement this, as they provide the feature-rich, easy-to-use architecture that helped solve any potential connectivity issues while reducing operating costs by managing the whole infrastructure from a single dashboard. The restaurant chain was also interested in offering free Wi-Fi connectivity to its customers, so a system of Wi-Fi hotspots was also arranged for their convenience using our hotspot service with our network of local and regional providers.

“We are happy to have satisfied all the demands that were made to cover the final customer’s expansion in Western Europe”, said Marc Mateo, Global Sales Director at Brodynt. “As expansion in Eastern Europe is already being planned in the near future, we are ready to meet the upcoming challenge through our full-service one-stop-shop model for our global customers.”