Project Description

Although IPSEC VPN configuration is frequently handled by the customers, Brodynt includes IPSEC VPN setup as one of the services in our portfolio. We have built a network for a renowned firm in the automotive industry as the final customer, who was looking for a solution that includes Local Internet Access, Cisco routers and IPSec VPN configuration to be managed by us. We were asked for a smart solution by pre-arranging the whole VPN to avoid further setup tweaking and interruption at customer site.

Image for IPSEC VPN in the BRIC countries for the automotive industry

This solution had to be deployed in a multinational setting, including major sites in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, among other countries. The proposal fit like a glove for us, as our presence in BRIC countries is strong and reliable with local partnerships, which enables us to deliver such demanding projects.


After the requested dedicated internet access connectivity was in place, our on-site engineers installed Cisco 1921 equipments at each site of the customer. Our engineers prepared the CLI files in advance and configured the IPSec. Once the Cisco router was reachable, our Provisioning Team remotely logged into the equipment to upload the IPsec configuration required for each site. After this step, the local engineers migrated the switch from the end customer to the new Brodynt Internet Access. By providing this end-to-end VPN connectivity solution, Brodynt could successfully meet the end customer’s requirement.


“We at Brodynt are positioning ourselves as a key player in complex market environments worldwide”, said Gaurav Daga, Business Development & Carrier Relations Manager. “Offering different service flavors in BRIC countries would have been a particular challenge, but by having the right partners previously onboarded and intensive on-the-ground work, we were able to deploy the VPN network that the final customer required. Our out-of-the-box bundle with connectivity and managed hardware included full configuration and maintenance by Brodynt.”


“Our solutions are totally secure, scalable, and easy to use”, he added. “That’s why our clients like them so much.”