Project Description


Radio Links and Satellite for Far-Away Resorts

Our customer, a US-based international carrier, needed a connectivity solution for their client, a chain of luxury resorts that was planning an expansion in remote touristic areas of the Iberian peninsula, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The initial project involved 20 sites, that would be increased up to 50 in a 4-year roll-out. As many of these resorts would be located in isolated areas with no physical telecoms infrastructure, a solution was required that should include wireless dedicated connectivity.

The proposal designed by Brodynt included symmetric radio links as primary connectivity access, adding 3G/satellite backup for full redundancy. For the most challenging sites, Brodynt suggested DIA over satellite when radio connection was impossible or unreliable due to physical obstacles and geographical conditions. Plain internet access to their services in the Cloud was very cost-effective and met the customer’s demands.

Onsite installation services were provided using local radio link engineers in Spain and Portugal, as well as in the initial Latin American sites in Mexico and Costa Rica. These engineers were in charge of implementing a preliminary site survey that included line-of-sight tests to check radio connectivity, which resulted in 95% positive results. DIA over Satellite connectivity was provided for the remaining 5%.

The complete step-by-step deployment was presented to the customer, from field study and evaluation, to procurement and onsite setup. Powerful WiFi Hotposts were also implemented and covered not just the hotels’ premises but also the surrounding recreational areas. It was the kind of premium internet access that was expected for the upscale visitors that these resorts were targeting.

“Our customer relied on Brodynt for this demanding project because they know that we provide cost-effective quality solutions that are fully reliable and deliver results,” said Marc Muñoz, Global Access & Business Development Director at Brodynt. “We are committed to our mission of providing best-of-breed global connectivity and networking solutions anywhere in the world for our customers. We look forward to moving on to the next phase of this exciting project and further collaborating with our client in the next years.”