According to the latest research, SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area networking) is a key component of enterprise digital transformation initiatives sped-up by the coronavirus pandemic that have resulted in a “new normal” of remote work. It should be noted that the research itself had been sponsored by an SD-WAN vendor, nonetheless, it presents an indication of changing business practices and attitudes of enterprise leaders, who are now accentuating network security and efficiency for remote work.

Transition catalyst

It’s no secret that working from home is something that over the past decade or so has begun to gain popularity amongst professionals and consequently many organizations have started to increasingly accept it. What this transition process needed was a catalyst, which ultimately came in the form of SARS-COV-2. As a result, COVID-19 pandemic accomplished in a matter of months what digital transformation has been trying to do for years.

“Notably, with more workers at home, businesses are going back to re-evaluate their network modernization plans,” the report said. Most interestingly, they are turning to SD-WAN to help ensure that their employees have access to the most secure connection, the cloud applications work as expected and finally the data – kept safe.


Finding more investments in areas such as business continuity and global workforce enablement, the report notes an emphasis on infrastructure initiatives. According to its findings:

  • Nearly two-thirds of the respondents reported investing more in network infrastructure in Q2 than they did in Q1
  • Survey respondents reported giving top priority to building out technology that enables remote work and collaboration tools
  • Enabling AI-based analytics and automation was the second-most-cited top infrastructure priority, named most important by 21% of the respondents, followed closely by service reliability for business continuity (20%).

To no surprise, the Masergy-sponsored research found a key role for SD-WAN tech in such infrastructure initiatives, exemplified by findings such as:

  • 56% of the survey respondents are piloting, installing, or upgrading SD-WAN installations
  • Types of SD-WAN solutions installed include:
    • Fully managed service maintained by the provider, reported by 46% of respondents
    • 29% opted for co-managed solution, where service is managed by both you and the provider
    • 25% of respondents installed standalone devices that require a do-it-yourself approach
  • Respondents place the greatest importance on SD-WAN capabilities such as multicloud connectivity and support for a variety of data transport and access options for the network.

SD-WAN: a go-to solution for security

The report said that IT leaders now look to SD-WAN as their go-to tool for addressing many of the challenges of communications continuity, multicloud operations, and — their top priorities — cloud and network security.

Security considerations, always top-of-mind, are receiving even more attention now as organizations face more risks from increased attack surfaces resulting from remote workers who might use untrusted personal devices or networks for work purposes.

Reflecting their concerns about large numbers of employees having suddenly been forced to work at home, respondents cited security as the top consideration when purchasing SD-WAN solutions, which is not a surprise, considering that the concern about security was a leading concern for the IT leaders polled in 2019.


The work-from-home IT environment has made the network an investment imperative, with SD-WAN solutions providing answers across vast areas, including remote connectivity; multicloud performance management; efficiency; automation; and, most importantly, security.

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