Being able to reliably communicate to anyone, anywhere, is becoming increasingly important to our personal and business lives. Our Broadband Internet Access solutions are great for smaller offices, remote workers or as a low cost backup solutions.

Our Broadband internet access technologies can meet any requirement you need. From cost-effective asymmetric Business-grade ADSL lines and 3G/4G, to higher-end symmetric SDSL, Fibre based connectivity (FTTx) and Wireless.

All of our broadband services are business-grade, and fully managed and supported by our technical team. One or more fixed IP addresses are provided for proactive monitoring purposes and for Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling deployment when necessary. We can also deliver professionally driven onsite installations.

As a Carrier and Product-neutral operator, Brodynt will swipe each local market and look for the solution that best fits your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales team to see what broadband solutions are available in each specific location in any of our 200+ covered countries. Mediums can be Coax, Optical fibre, Twisted pair and Wireless. Different last mile technologies are great at granting redundancy.


  • Cost effective and business-grade
  • Extensive Global coverage with a simple One-Stop-Shop solution model to ease the hassle of managing multiple vendors and different levels of SLAs
  • Scalability: Our Broadband Internet Access comes in many different bandwidths, from 512Kbps to up to 100Mbps
  • Variety of options: We make available numerous network access options to grant full technology redundancy: ADSL, SDSL, SHDSL, FTTx, 3G, Wireless, over different mediums: coax, optical fiber, twisted pair and wireless
  • Service coverage: Available in more than 200 countries
  • Monitoring: We monitor all our lines 24×7
  • Customer Support: Available 24x7x365


  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Modem-Router with RJ45 handoff
  • Fixed IP address
  • Proactive monitoring service
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-year contract commitments