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We deploy public WiFi Hotspots with maximum flexibility, helping companies unify the installation and management of their public WiFi service for end customers. You will also keep your corporate network safely separated from your public WiFi access.

Choose this service for hassle-free installation of public WiFi Hotspots in hotels, restaurants, shops, and other locations. Our connectivity services are bundled with special state-of-the-art networking equipment together with field services. Brodynt is able to build a basic worldwide Wifi Hotspot solution that can be centrally and remotely managed by the customer. If you have additional needs or special requirements, please feel free to ask and we will make a case-by-case study and budgeting.

People love to be online for free, even if it’s just to check their e-mail and social media updates. That is why public WiFi can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business in order to drive sales, enhance your corporate prestige, and develop customer loyalty. Hotels are particularly aware of this, as reaching all guest rooms with open or password-protected access WiFi is increasingly important for both business and leisure travellers. Likewise, food and clothing chains want to include public WiFi access in their premises to enhance their customers’ shopping experience and give more visibility to their best offers and promotions. Build an ever-growing customer database and expand your marketing reach with Brodynt’s WiFi Hotspot service.


  • Reduce the complexity of network operations by introducing a single point of contact for all your Hotspot installations.
  • Extensive Global coverage with a simple One-Stop-Shop solution model to ease the hassle for customers to manage multiple vendors.
  • White Label services allow the whole portfolio of services to be branded by companies.
  • 800+ partners and thousands of Field Engineers worldwide.
  • Service coverage: Available in more than 180 countries.
  • Customer Support: Available 24x7x365