Welcome, Orsi!

We give a warm welcome to our new Brodynter Orsolya Márk from Hungary!

Orsi holds a Master’s Degree in Business Studies from the University of Amsterdam, has a long background in the telecom industry and is fluent in 6 languages.

She has been working as a Procurement Manager for more than 7 years in well-known companies like BICS in Brussels or Expereo in Amsterdam.

For Orsi, the telco market is changing and evolving. “New technologies bring opportunities but also challenges to companies like Brodynt, therefore they need to evolve with them”, she says.

She also says she sees an opportunity ahead for Brodynt, because “it is still young and flexible to respond to new needs”.  

And continues: “I can identify myself with the values of Brodynt, which means that I can be myself. The team makes me feel comfortable and part of a whole interesting project.

What I think I can bring to the company is the knowledge of existing relations with the big players in the market of course, and reinforce a multicultural oriented team, but Brodynt is more than that”.

Orsi believes in always building relationships on a close and human level.  – “It can be a differentiator for companies but also for clients”.

She also describes herself with four major words.

“There are four things that define me in the professional environment:

  1. Honesty. Communicate things clearly and without missing information. No surprises.
  2. Professionalism. By always knowing what you are talking about to customers and providers.
  3. Common sense. In terms of “no playing games”. It is very important for customers and I prefer long term relationships than the short term ones.
  4. Win-win. I always want the people I work with to win. It must be good for both parties, otherwise it is not fair. I think that, if we have a trust-worthy relationship with our suppliers, we can serve better to our clients.

We are excited by the value she adds to the Procurement team. Thanks Orsi for joining us!