There are two ways of looking at customer preferences. The first is to look at the volume of sales, typically revenue market shares.  Here we see a general agreement across the analyst community that over 50% of the SD-WAN market is in the hands of the following five providers – Cisco (Viptela and Meraki), VMware (Velocloud), Fortinet, Versa and HPE/Silverpeak. This has again been confirmed in the recent quarterly update report on SD-WAN from Dell’Oro Group, which also highlighted 50% growth in Q4 2020 versus Q4 2019 and an overall growth rate of 32% over the year.

The rise of importance of customer ratings

However, in our everyday lives we are perhaps less driven by what most other people are buying and more driven by recommendations of what the people who had bought thought of their resulting product, service or experience – the customer review.

Gartner have moved into this area over the past few years with the launch of their Gartner Peer Insights service. Here the users of the technologies and services that Gartner review are invited to leave their thoughts against a list of structured questions and of course to provide ratings out of 5.

As this service takes off, they have now 360 product categories and over 380,000 reviews. Gartner are gaining statistically significant number of reviews for various technology areas, which enable them to publish their Customers’ Choice analyses and distinctions. Here they show over 100 product categories, the reviews that vendors are receiving for each and where they have sufficient data, they have produced a new report – the Gartner Peer Insight’s “Voice of the Customer” report.

View of the Customer for WAN Edge infrastructure

The Voice of the Customer reports join the Magic Quadrant reports and Critical Capability reports being only freely available to people with a Gartner subscription. However, as with other reports many of the highly favoured choose to buy distribution rights and make them available for only the price of your email address. Therefore the Voice of the Customer report for WAN Edge Infrastructure is available from one of these companies here.

Understanding the results

Gartner once again produce a “2×2” summary, this time with the x-axis measuring the number of responses (to show above of below the category average) and the y-axis – the overall satisfaction score out of 5 (again above or below the category average). Only reviews from customers above $50M revenue are used and only companies with 10 or more employees such reviews are included. Companies in the “top right quadrant” are awarded the Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Badge.

Who were the favourites for 2020?

Listed in alphabetical order, the Customer Choice badges are awarded to Aryaka, Fortinet, Huawei, Pala Alto and Silverpeak (now part of HPE). Five other companies meet the criteria for inclusion, including Fatpipe, Open Systems and Peplink, all of which get very good satisfaction scores.

The report then goes on to break the reviews down by customer size, industry and region, so for example Palo Alto become the only “top right” company for reviews submitted by Enterprises of over $1Bn revenue.

Brodynt on Gartner Peer Insights

At Brodynt we pride ourselves on our customer experience and therefore we are very pleased to see Brodynt as one of the few companies on Gartner Peer Insights with 100% 5* reviews. Whilst the number of reviews at this stage is relatively low, it is nonetheless over double that of the largest player in our market.

If you would like to see what our customers think of us you can find their reviews here. For those of you who are our customers, you are more than welcome to use Gartner Peer Reviews to share your experience of working with Brodynt.

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